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Pacari Organic Raw Cacao Beans - 8 oz.

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This is as pure and raw as cacao gets! Pacari Beans go from the pod to fermentation then drying and that's it. They're raw, intense, bitter and potent. Peel and eat them straight as an antioxidant packed snack, break them into nibs to mix into food or to use for baking, or experiment with chocolate making on a small scale. This is organic cacao close to the source. 8 oz. resealable pouch.
Note: If you are interested in one pound sacks of Pacari Cacao Beans, please write us at We can get bulk beans quickly!

Ingredients: Cacao beans.
May contain traces of tree nuts and peanuts.

+ USDA and EU Certified Organic
+ Fair trade with growers ensures fair wages on the farm
+ Organic Agriculture Educational Project
+ Technical Enablement Program for Underserved Agricultural Schools