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Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest 66% Dark Chocolate


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Winner of the Academy of Chocolate Silver Medal for Best Bean-to-Bar Dark bar, this chocolate  uses rare beans from the Beni Savanna in the Bolivian Amazon.  Original Beans has been actively involved in the conservation of this rare source of 100% wild cacao for several years.  Now, genetic research has shown that this “original bean” is a distinct endemic variety, genetically independent from all known cacaos.  Amazingly, the cacao grows on “chocolates” or cocoa islands dating back to a pre-Colombian civilization.  During the wet season, expert collectors from several indigenous tribes go out, for weeks at a time, in canoes to harvest the wild beans in spots only they know.  The wild beans are so small that they require specially customized roasting. 

Certified organic from directly traded beans.  66% cacao.   70g.  Original Beans’ tasting notes:  “Sun-dried cranberries, melon, subtle tropic fruit notes, hint of jasmine tea."

Ingredients (certified organic):  Direct-trade cacao beans, cacao butter, raw cane sugar. Vegan and Gluten Free.

+ Each bar plants one tree in the rainforest of origin.

+ Certified organic according to European Union Eco–regulation.
+ Fair Trade - Buys directly at six times fair trade premium.

+ Earth-Friendly Packaging - Packages 100% bio-compostable.

+ Vegan.

+ Reduces energy use by 25%.