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Molinillo Hot Chocolate Kit


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Make rich, frothy hot chocolate the traditional way with this molinillo kit. A molinillo is a hand–carved wooden whisk used to mix and froth chocolate.  Its origin dates back to the ancient times in Mesoamerica. The dark and light areas are made by wood burning and carving. Our kits include an authentic molinillo fino hand–carved in Mexico and your choice of drinking chocolate to mix up into a your own version of the Mayan food of the gods. Instructions are included.

Choose from these options in the selection box:
• Molinillo plus two 7oz. blocks of Blanxart Chocolate Canela a la Taza for Spanish hot chocolate.  This chocolate is made in Spain from organic Peruvian beans with a touch of cinnamon.  Contains a small amount of cornmeal as a traditional thickener used to make frothy hot chocolate.
• Molinillo plus two 6oz. pouches of Grenada Chocolate Company's Pure Organic Cocoa Powder for drinking. ** OUT OF STOCK

Note: since this is a unique hand-made tool, there are variations in design and dimensions. Each is one of a kind. Approximately 12-15" Long by 2.5" wide at widest point.

To Use: warm milk and drinking chocolate in a pot. If you are using chocolate blocks such as the Blanxart Chocolate a la Taza, then use the base of the molinillo to break it up. Once the milk is good and hot, spin the molinillo between your palms until frothy and delicious. Clean by hand. Some darkening may occur with use.

+ Fair Trade. Both chocolate makers follow fair trade practices. See the individual product pages for more information.
+ Organic - Both drinking chocolates are certified organic.