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Francois Pralus Chuao Dark Chocolate

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The small town of Chuao Venezuela has stood for centuries as a legend, making the world's finest cacao beans. Pralus applies his unique style to these beans, firing up a darker roast than most, but somehow magically leaving the berry fruit notes intact in the finish. Expect a complex bar opening with coffee, earth and brown sugar turning into blueberries and strawberries at the end. It's thought that the newer batches, such as this one, are showing even more berry than earlier experiments. Either way, our connoisseur friends in the chocolate world report that this is their favorite Pralus bar. A must try. Bean variety: Trinitario. 75% cacao.
50g (1.75oz) bar. IMPORTED FROM FRANCE.

 Ingredients: cocoa, sugar, pure cocoa butter, non-GMO soy lecithin. May contain traces of nuts or milk.

+ Fair Trade. Fair trade with growers assures fair wages for small farmers. Pralus takes it further since some farms are owned directly and they can ensure fair and respectable labor conditions for farm workers.