Please see the FAQ page for information on our temporary shut down.

IMPORTANT: Please do not select Bicycle Delivery unless you are shipping to one of the Zip Codes below.Please let us know if you need the chocolate by a certain date so we can prioritize orders.  Thank You.


To ensure your chocolate stays in the best condition, please keep the following in mind:
• For warm weather deliveries, it's best to have someone at home to receive the package or ship to a business address where someone is available during the daytime.
• Make sure you are entering a valid US address and details such as the apartment number or PO Box are included.  
• If you are shipping to a business address, please include all necessary details such as floor, suite, room, attention:, etc.
• If you have any damage due to the actions of the shipper, we will stand behind you 100%.
• Please let us know right away if there are any problems with your shipment. We are here to help.

At NewLeaf Chocolates, we believe that there is beauty in simplicity and shipping is no exception. Our shipping methods have been designed so your chocolate arrives in the best condition while keeping your experience simple.

We are now offering discounted shipping of $9.95 no matter how much your order weighs!  That's it. The larger your order, the more you save. Relax and we will determine the best way to ship based upon the weather, your location and the size of your order. By the way, the shipping and handling charge you pay is usually less than our actual cost for shipping + packaging materials + handling.
We ship to Hawaii with a simple flat rate of $19.  This is added to the applicable base shipping rate. 
We ship to Canada with a simple flat rate of $29. Due to postal regulations, a phone number must be provided for Canadian orders. Thanks. 


We ship to the continental United States plus Alaska and Hawaii. We ship to Canada and accept payment from Canadian customers using PayPal or a credit card from a US bank. Sorry, we can't ship to APO at this time.


There are two simple choices: Standard Delivery or local Bicycle Delivery (limited area, see below). Orders are taken 24/7 and shipments go out on the shipping days shown below.

Standard shipping in a GreenPod. We use US Postal Service Priority Mail as a "green" option since chances are they are already driving by your home or business every day.  Currently running at 2-3 days transit time.  Standard Shipping goes out Monday through Wednesday so that your chocolates don't sit in a hot warehouse over the weekend. When it's cooler, we may also ship later in the week. If there's a heat wave - above 90 degrees anywhere in transit - we may wait until the following week to ship and notify you of the delay.  Please let us know if you need your chocolate by a certain date and we will work with you.

Bicycle delivery in or near zip code 02474. This includes Arlington, MA; West Lexington, MA and North Cambridge, MA.

SPECIAL: Bicycle Delivery is free until further notice (normally $9.95). That's it. We may substitute hybrid Prius delivery during inclement weather. Please note that bicycle delivery may result in some delay since we need to work around the weather and other factors.  Please let us know if you need your chocolate by a certain date.  IMPORTANT: Please do not select Bicycle Delivery unless you are shipping to one of the Zip Codes below since it will delay your order as we attempt to contact you and remedy the situation.

Bicycle delivery is available for these zip codes:
• 02420
• 02474
• 02476
• 02140
• 02421


Chocolate must be protected from its three main enemies: heat, odors and humidity. The GreenPod shipper protects against all three threats and is at the core of our sustainable packaging initiative. We've worked hard to develop a shipping system where each and every material can either be recycled, reused or is biodegradable / compostable. This means that almost everything is a renewable plant-based material. This was no easy task since most online stores use Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene foam - EPS) coolers to ship their perishables in warm weather. We avoid EPS foam because it's derived from petrochemicals, has a large carbon footprint and does not break down quickly in landfills. Because EPS foam coolers are rigid, they would need to be shipped to us full-size in a large truck - a truck full of empty boxes!

We've designed a simple system that uses all plant-based materials that are recyclable or biodegradable to ship the product even in warm weather (the cold pack is not plant-based, but can be reused). Rather than use a polyethylene bag to protect your chocolate from humidity and odors, we use a 100% plant-based protective shell. Even the tape used to seal the box is kraft paper rather than the usual clear acrylic stuff. 

Actually, there is not one GreenPod, but a few designs are needed to fit all situations. Depending upon the size of your order and the season (hot vs. cool), the box will contain some of the listed components below. Your specific GreenPod will contain some simple instructions on how to take care of those materials when you are done. In some cases, we may reuse boxes and other materials that have not yet been recycled. This is good for the planet since it takes more energy to recycle a box than to reuse it. Yes, we may occasionally even reuse styrofoam that has been sent to us by others. If we do (this is rare), it will bear a label just to let you know. If you object, no problem. Just write "no styrofoam" in the comments box at checkout and we will gladly oblige.

These are some of the components of a GreenPod:
• The outer box is recycled - in most cases, we use 100% recycled boxes.
• The foam peanuts are starch-based. Mix them with water and pour them into the garden as compost or wash them down the drain.
• The paper shell is recycled paper with a plant-based liner. Even the sealing tape is paper–based and recyclable.
• The kraft paper loose fill can be recycled (not need for all shipments)

We are not done. We're always testing new materials in order to minimize our environmental impact and most of all, protect our chocolate so that it arrives to you in beautiful condition.