Please see the FAQ page for information on our temporary shut down.

Frequently Asked Questions about our temporary shutdown.

We are still open for business, but selection is limited.

NewLeaf Chocolates was launched in 2009 as the first and only earth-friendly online premium chocolate shop.  We would like to thank all our customers for the opportunity to share some of the world's best chocolate with you.  At this time we are temporarily shutting down our web store in order to spend time on a new project.  We realize that some of you may be concerned about this change, so here's a list of FAQ:

Q: Is NewLeaf Chocolates going out of business?

A: No.  We are shutting down our web store temporarily and plan to reopen in 2017.  This date may change, but we do plan to reopen in that approximate time frame.

Q: You are offering a discount for most products on your site. Is this old chocolate?

A: No. Everything is fresh with best-by dates at least two months out.  Some dates are as late as 2018.  If this changes, we will make a note of the best-by dates on the individual product pages.

Q: What is the new project?

A: It's a secret, but it's related to chocolate...sort of.... Stay tuned!