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The New Way to Get Chocolate

At NewLeaf Chocolates you will find a carefully chosen collection of premium and artisan chocolates ready to be sent to you by GreenPod™. We've searched the globe for the best in premium chocolate bars, chocolate confections and cocoa powder with a fondness for the best tasting organic products and socially responsible producers. We don't try to offer every chocolate in the world, only the best! 

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Our commitment to the environment is at the core of our business since without it, we would be no different than many other top quality chocolate shops. In short, our business depends upon taking this commitment seriously. We're not just resting on a few marketing statements, but strive to do better for the planet every day through innovations such as the GreenPod shipping system. Our commitment is confirmed by three main tangible initiatives: Our membership in 1% for the Planet, our Eco-Friendly packaging and shipping innovations, and our emphasis on organic and fair-trade chocolates. We're proud to announce that we've been a member of 1% for the Planet since day one - before we sold a single bar.


Q: Why aren't all of your chocolates certified organic?
A: While most of our chocolates are certified organic, our customers also enjoy a number of delicious premium chocolates that are not certified at this time. It happens that for the regions where these beans are sourced from, most cocoa farming is done in an organic manner. If a product is not certified organic, we work with the producer to understand how the cocoa was farmed and how the product was produced. We favor and clearly identify those that are most kind to the environment and to the farm workers. Only those chocolates meeting our standards are included for sale here. 

In the mean time, we fully respect the certification process and clearly promote those producers that maintain certification. Since our membership to One Percent for the Planet requires that we donate a portion of ALL sales to environmental charities, the planet benefits even when you buy “conventional” chocolates. Still, the choice is yours and our goal is to provide as many organic and fair trade premium chocolates as we can find so that the choice is easier. We're not done yet!

Q: How much to you give to charity?
A: We are a member of the non–profit organization One Percent for the Planet. To keep our status with 1% FTP, we must give 1% of all sales to environmental charities. However, NewLeaf Chocolates is a for-profit company. Some other organizations give a percent of profits to charity rather than sales. While we commend anyone who is willing to donate to a worthy cause, please remember that many small companies have little or no profit to for the first few years. For example 10% of zero profit is zero. Also, profit is always a much smaller number than sales – especially in a retail food business! We pay the planet before we pay ourselves.

 Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
A: We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express (credit or debit). Your card will not be charged until we ship your order. We also accept PayPal. PayPal will charge your account upon placing the order.
Q: What are "Planet Positives?"
A: Planet Positives are just our simple way of highlighting what's earth-friendly about each chocolate producer. Of course, you can decide what's important to you and what's not when you're shopping. There are many factors to consider when choosing premium chocolates, not the least of which is taste. We recognize that environmental and social issues can be complex and these statements represent only simple summaries of what each product has to offer. Planet Positives are not an endorsement of any particular certification or program. Still, they are a good starting point for learning about how each producer is trying to help the planet. We hope you find them a helpful part of your shopping experience.

Customer Testimonials 

“ I'm so enjoying all the new discoveries I'm tasting due to your fantastic selections. I had never heard of Pacari, and now it's one of my favorites (still savoring the dark chocolate covered banana pieces from March). I also like that you send everything in as sustainable a way as possible. It's important. I hope others catch on. Thank you!” 
Anna, Chocolate of the Month Club Member, Orlando

“Wow! I am extremely happy I found your website. My wife loved the assorted chocolates, as did I. It was great talking with you, your service was great! The pricing was great! I look forward to ordering from you in the future.... Looking forward to eventually bringing ourselves to eat the Porcelana bar... Thanks again,” Gary, Nova Scotia

“I received the bars and they are wonderful. Your service is much appreciated and has won you a new customer! I have tried many, many kinds of organic dark chocolates, so I do know which ones are good...[and] the cherry almond bars were more than worth waiting for--I would wait a long time for those, and will definitely order more in the future. I just found another bar on your site that I want to try...dangerous...oh, too, too dangerous.”
Robin, Santa Barbara, CA

“Dear NewLeaf Chocolates, 
Recently, my wife and I thought we'd make a lazy weekend movie night a bit more interesting and decided to incorporate an at home, chocolate 'tasting', into our plans. We got the idea from reading several of the chocolate reviews on the Kokobuzz blog site. This turned out to be a great idea! 

I logged into the NewLeaf Chocolates' site on Wednesday to see what was involved and ended up ordering several different bars. The chocolate arrived a day later and was carefully packed with fully recyclable packaging. The pervasive 'Green' theme woven throughout the company and products is very refreshing and positive; I definitely felt like I was doing some good in the world by choosing chocolate that was consistent with this theme. 
For the evening, we ended up dropping by our local wine shop and asking the wine steward their thoughts on what wine would go best with our plans. Without hesitation they recommended either a nice port or full bodied Merlot. In fact, this shop has a chocolate tasting table set up themselves and a bar of some exotic 72% cocoa dark chocolate available for sampling. This gave me an idea that ended up putting a capstone on the evening, when we got back home with the wine (BTW: we ended up with the port) I broke up pieces of several bars and arranged them on separate tasting dishes and then printed out the reviews from Kokobuzz. We then mixed up the chocolate and had a great time with a blind tasting - trying to match the chocolate to the tasting notes from Kokobuzz. The whole evening turned out to be real fun and something we'll definitely take with us to parties over the holidays. 

We find ourselves often stretched too thin with commitments to the children, work and life that we often forget to stop and 'smell the roses'. The chocolate tasting broke that rhythm and turned a lazy weekend movie night into something that was both fun yet budget friendly - a very cool homemade gourmet experience. 

Thanks for everything,” –Jerry, Reading, MA

“The folks at NewLeaf Chocolate sent the bars very quickly and in the dead of a Texas heat wave, and they arrived with zero melting or any other issues, despite the fact that it was over 100 degrees outside. The packing peanuts really were water soluble; I dissolved them in a bowl of water and tossed them on my parched plants outside, and recycled the cardboard box the package came in. Basically, I threw away nothing. Thank you, NewLeaf Chocolates, for introducing me to a new favorite indulgence, and one I can enjoy with a clear conscience.

I used to think I didn't like Mexican chocolate –– something about the grainy texture turned me off. I thought I wanted only smooth dark chocolate or none at all. Thank goodness I tried the Taza Mexican vanilla bar! Oh, heaven in my mouth. I don't like overly sweet things, and somehow this chocolate managed to be incredibly sweet without being cloying or heavy at all. It comes in two delightful little rounds –– hardly a "bar" at all – so I savored one or two triangles of it a day, and it lasted for days. The "graininess" might be granulated sugar; whatever it is, it added to the experience of chewing a small piece slowly and letting the vanilla flavor steal over my tongue. There's actually a bit of spice to it, which made me wonder if the bar had some kind of chili pepper ingredient. But no, its ingredients are simple: just cane sugar, Dominican cacao beans and whole vanilla beans. (Maybe the whole vanilla beans add to the crunch?) Finally, the bar's packaging really appealed to me. Round, wrapped in white, waxy paper, printed with black ink, it's aesthetically pleasing, like a small piece of folk art you don't want to unwrap. Except you do want to unwrap it, again and again. Oh –– and all its ingredients are organic! What could be better?”
Catherine Morris, Austin, TX

“My order arrived when the company said it would and I was impressed by the way they packaged their product to ensure that the quality of the chocolate was not sacrificed during shipping... attention to details made ordering from NewLeaf Chocolates a great experience, not to mention that the chocolate tasted delightful!” – Sherri, Plano, TX.

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